Yoga house
Architectural Competition

Építészek: Baráth Éva, Mihályfi-Biró Emese
Helyszín: Latvia
Tervezés dátuma: 2023

 The speed of life has never been faster than today. It is difficult to take a pause and look inside, even though it is essential for self-development and mental health. The yoga house creates a destination, where people can slow down and recharge in the pure tranquility of nature.  
After an easy hike in the forest of the Latvian bog, the “inner-scapers” reach the forest clearing, where the yoga house emerges. Stepping stones marks the way towards the entry, which is clearly defined by the curved wall and ramp, pulling the visitors towards the inside of the house. The center point of the building is the yoga space, around which the inside and outside spaces are woven.
The design follows a circular construction, a form without sharp boundaries, emerging and blending into nature. Due to the smooth connections, the house represents an interweaving of nature and built space. The proximity of the sea is a great advantage of the site. Therefore, we propose a new path leading from the building toward the sea. The house is a connection point between the “outside” and “inside” world (road and sea shore), and it represents yoga as the connection between the soul and the body.
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