Viewpoint for Birdwatchers
architectural competition

Architects: Éva Baráth, Nóra Ferenczi
Location: Abda, Hungary
Year: 2022
Nestled between Abda and Győr in Hungary, the Rosszkerti backwater, a serene yet overlooked natural spot, awaited a transformation. Our vision is to create an immersive experience for birdwatchers and nature lovers, distinct from traditional high towers.
A wooden pathway meandering through wild reeds, leading to a viewing point right at the water's edge. This journey, as enchanting as the destination, offered an intimate connection with nature. Visitors could intimately observe waterfowl and the subtle beauty of the backwater.
This simple, yet profound design, celebrated the tranquility and understated beauty of the Rosszkerti backwater, earning accolades for its thoughtful integration with nature and the unique perspective it provided.
The design was created for the "Viewpoints close to nature"  architectural competition, announced by Arrabona EGTC and achieved the second highest score.
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